Ginny's Fudge and Nuts

Where's my flavor?
Want a f
udge flavor you don't see on the flavor list? No problem! Please contact us by phone (706) 865-6608 or e-mail to see if we have it in stock and we'll be more then happy to make a custom order for you

Food Allergies? 
All items are prepared using shared equipment and may contain traces of chocolate, peanuts, tree nuts, cinnamon, or peanut butter.
Gluten Sensitive? While we haves some products that do not include gluten in the recipe we are not a dedicated gluten free kitchen. According to guidelines because we do have a few items containing gluten, it is possible for trace amounts to be present in any item. 


Shipping Information

Important Notes: 
We are unable to ship fudge/chocolate products in June, July, and August due to heat. 

Mail orders must be received by Dec 10, and shipped by Dec 10. 
Anything received AFTER Dec 10 will be shipped in February. Ginny's Fudge and Nuts will be closed Dec. 11, 2020 through Feb. 2021

When making a fudge order online you can only order in 15 piece increments. We encourage y'all to come out and see us at festivals, there you can purchase as many pieces you'd like ... 2,5,10,20 pieces! As many as you would like!

Shipping Fees:
You can ship up to 3 - 15 piece fudge boxes to ONE address for $7.95*.
Each individual address will have a $7.95* shipping fee. 
*Plus tax and certain addresses will have additional shipping charges added to the initial $7.95* 

Large Order/ Company Gift:
Please contact us at (706) 865-6608 or e-mail if you have any questions about large orders with shipping prices.
Like to add a personal note in the box? We'll be more then happy to make it happen!