Ginny's Fudge and Nuts

Are you are "Fudge Groupie"? There are many reasons a person might be considered a "Fudge Groupie"

If you'ver ever driven to a craft show, JUST TO GET FUDGE...                            
You might be a "Fudge Groupie"

If you've ever WALKED to a craft show, JUST TO GET FUDGE...
You ARE a "Fudge Groupie"

Do you get excited when you see a copy of our current event schedule, so you can plan your fudge finding route.
You might be a "Fudge Groupie"

If you think you might be a "Fudge Groupie" drop me a line, let us know why you believe you are a "Fudge Groupie". Is it just you or is your family exhibiting signs as well?  please put "Help" in the subject line.

If you sign with your Initials,City and State, I will include on the page ... otherwise, maybe just the City and State.                 C.M. - Cleveland, GA


 "Tales from a "Fudge Groupie"

You know you have a fudge groupie in the family when one of her wishes for a Graduation present is a box  "of her own"  DEATH BY CHOCOLATE!
;>) KC Lake City, Florida
If your friends know your favorite fudge flavor is Rocky Road, you might be a fudge groupie! 
RC - Conyers, GA
I must be a junkie because I fly from Chicago to Ga. to get Ginny's Fudge ( and also to see family)
Your fudge makes a bad day great. I have it stashed around the freezer and then forget where they are hiding . 
When I find one, OH BOY.
I hide then for the summer in the freezer and no one else thinks their are any left. Ha Ha Ha
JW - Chicago, IL
My family and I are so excited about seeing you at the Shrimp Festival this week! 
We are counting down the days and trying to decide what flavor squares we want! 
We always LOVE seeing you there! I was just checking out the web site and thought I would send a quick email! 
Can't wait!
JH - Helena, AL


These are a few our "fudgie faces".